"Out of Africa II" Supper Club Dinner

"Out of Africa II" Supper Club Dinner


May's dinner will be a very personal one for chef Jeanette as she will be showcasing the foods she grew up with in Sierra Leone!  Presented in a progressive format, the dinner will open with a cocktail.  

The wines will be presented by sommelier, Jessica Nadeau of Opici Family Distributing.  Jessica has hand-picked a selection of South African wines to accompany dinner.  

Chef Jeanette and Sommelier Jessica, will guide diners through their food and wine experience!



“Ginger beer" - Light rum syrup steeped with ginger root, whole cloves and lemon.  Garnished with fresh thyme sprigs.

“Chin-Chin” - A popular snack throughout West Africa.  Chin-chin is a sweet, hard (of a cracker consistency), donut-like baked or fried treat. Chef Jeanette bakes her chins to give them a lighter, crispier texture.


Progressive dinner (light to heavy):

Soup Duo "Grannat" and "Peppeh Soup"

Grannat - pureed peanuts, yellow onions, chili peppers, shredded cabbage, fresh rosemary and thyme cooked in a vegetable broth.

Peppeh Soup - simple vegetable broth with yellow onions, fresh garlic, diced tomatoes, fresh cilantro and chili peppers.


"Fish Palmiyn"

White fish seared in palm oil (a vegetable oil derived from the reddish pulp of the palm nut fruit kernels) with oven roasted batata (sweet potato) and spicy palm oil onion ragu.



The Sierra Leonean tamale! Ground black-eyed beans, onions, chili peppers, fresh basil and parsley, wrapped and steamed in banana leaves.


"Jollof rice"

Jasmine rice cooked with nutmeg, cloves, cinnamon, yellow onions, garlic cloves and patminger (or basil), accompanied with "Salone" salad of diced and cooked carrots and new potatoes, sweet peas, white beans, hard boiled eggs and grilled tuna steak all atop leafy greens with a mayonnaise vinaigrette.


The Salone Dessert Plate

Kanyah - a sweet blend of peanuts, rice flour and sugar; Banana Accra and Brade - banana fritters and cake; and Mint Cocoa Drink - a refreshing drink of chocolate and mint

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