"Out of Africa" Supper Club Dinner

"Out of Africa" Supper Club Dinner


Cocktails for the walking tour:

  • “Ginger beer" - Light rum syrup steeped with ginger root, whole cloves and lemon.  Garnished with fresh thyme sprigs.


Progressive dinner (light to heavy):


  • "Peppeh" soup - Simple vegetable broth with yellow onions, fresh garlic, diced tomatoes, fresh cilantro and chili peppers.
  • Oysters - Bluepoint oysters topped with “gron soup” (crushed cayenne pepper, fresh lemon juice and zest and lemon thyme) and garlic breadcrumbs, all charbroiled in half shells, on a bed of applewood bark and rock salt.
  • "Grannat" soup - Pureed peanuts, yellow onions, chili peppers, shredded cabbage, fresh rosemary and thyme cooked in a vegetable broth.
  • "Salone" salad - Diced and cooked carrots and new potatoes, sweet peas, white beans, hard boiled eggs and tuna steak grilled on a bed of fresh rosemary leaves, all atop leafy baby romaine with a mayonnaise vinaigrette.
  • "Olehleh" - The Sierra Leonean tamale! Ground black-eyed beans, onions, chili peppers, fresh basil and parsley, wrapped and steamed in banana leaves.
  • Pineapple fritters with brandy Anglaise sauce - Fresh pineapple chunks added to a bread batter and deep-fried into a light golden fluffy fritter and drizzled with brandy creme Anglaise. 
  • "Jollof rice" - Jasmine rice cooked with nutmeg, cloves, cinnamon, yellow onions, garlic cloves and patminger (or basil), and served with fried plantains.
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