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Everything we strive to do here at Homeshed Kitchens is centered around artisanal, local and eco-savvy practices. It’s our main focus!



DEFINITION:  Relating to a worker in a skilled trade, esp. one that involves making things by hand.

Artisanal for us means working with raw materials 100% of the time! Everything in our kitchen is made from scratch.  Ultimately, we are a small-batch bakery.  This enables us to infuse our products with a level of attention and passion that is impossible for large-scale factories to reproduce.  Production and customers preferences are adjusted to quickly.  Bread is always fresh, because it is not sitting as inventory.

All of our bread and pastries are naturally leavened and slowly fermented for up to 30 hours to allow naturally occurring yeast and beneficial bacteria to develop in the dough before baking.  

This slow, old fashioned way of bread-making increases the nutrition and the flavor extracted from the grain and makes a healthier and delicious bread. 


DEFINITION:  Belonging or relating to a particular area or neighborhood

Local markets are our first choice for produce and supplies; allowing us to support our local economy, minimize transportation and reduce our carbon footprint.



DEFINITION: Having practical knowledge of how to be a good custodian of the environment in which we operate.


Artisanal small-batch production and local sourcing is a focus we keep in the kitchen.  Outside of the kitchen our focus is on being eco-savvy.  

Paper -  In 2012, we focused our efforts on becoming 100% paper-less! We heavily utilize online digital format forms, emails, and payment systems.    We are most proud of completely eliminating printed recipe handouts by utilizing our iPad in all of our cooking classes and downloadable recipes on our website.

At the market stand -  The containers our foods are packaged in are recyclable.  We even sell some of our products in reusable glass dishes that customers can bring back and have us reuse for their next delicious purchase!

Waste, Waste, Waste! - 

  • Food waste: When we run out...we run out! We only make what we know will be consumed. 
  • Repurposing: From bottles to bags and delivery boxes! We can (and will) "MacGyver" everything that comes through our doors! 

Slow living - Homeshed Kitchens is a strong believer and advocate of the Slow Living Movement!  We believe in a Sustainable, Local, Organic and Wholesome life.

Personal Statement - You do good! You feel good! Living consciously opens you up to a sense of community...of belonging.