Lunch with the staff

The day was cold and windy and wet!  But once Robin and I got heating up in the kitchen - we noticed that the sun was interested in what we were doing (it had to be), because why else would it stop raining?  It had to be that the sun ordered the rain and wind away, when it saw what was going on in our kitchen!  And we couldn't blame her for shinning!  For we had a lovely tomato bisque heating up on the stove,  Ciabata baking in the oven.  Roasted vegetables and a balsamic syrup to top our ciabata.  Two absolutely divine salads, and as if that wasn't enough, the sun could salivate on our choux buns as they came goldenly delicious out of the oven!

As you can imagine, staff meetings are usually how businesses get all involved together to...well, discuss business.  No more different from the reasons why the staff at Homeshed Kitchens got together this afternoon - to discuss business.  But lucky for us - our business is food! 

We are in the midst of revamping our menus.  So for the next couple of months, we will be holding our staff meetings in the kitchen.  Examining our current menu offerings and introducing new ones. 

Today's menu:

  • tomato bisque
  • roasted vegetables, sliced mozzarella, balsamic syrup on home-made ciabata
  • Robin's spring salad with Homeshed Kitchen's signature maple vinaigrette
  • Robin's fall salad with Homeshed Kitchen's signature maple vinaigrette
  • traditional profiteroles