Summer is ending - now what...?!

....Prepare for Fall of course! 

To say we had a busy summer would be an understatement!  We were busy setting up so many new ventures and adventures (of the culinary type). 
But alas!  We've tasted the last of the summer wines and our sights are now set on the cold months to come ahead!  

HK's own tomato sauce

Robin undertook a major preserving project this past summer using everything she grew in our garden.  And I am beyond myself with joy over all of our preserved goodies that I'll be using in the kitchen, at events and classes.  You guys have no idea how yummy the food is going to be all winter long around here!  NO IDEA!!!   

You name it, if we grew it - we canned it!  Tomatoes, zucchinis, cucumbers, peppers, tomatillos, squash!  We made chutneys, sauces and salsas too!

paper thin tomatoes from our garden

And if we didn't preserve it - I dried it!  I turned fresh herbs (basil and thyme) into dried herbs.  I made tomato chips and kale chips.  And this was just to test out our new dehydrator.   

I played around with some modernist culinary techniques - turning liquids into powders and emulsifying stuff - oh joy!  Was I a kid in a candy store or what!?  There's so much more to be explored in that realm - can't wait to get back into my 'culinary laboratory'! 

Really though - now all that's left is for us to share these treats (preserves and techniques) with all of you!  So we are looking forward to our November supper club dinner, our last dinner of the year!  And immediately following the dinner, we'll be gearing up for the holidays and holiday catering. Get on our books fast, we've got just a few days left open (from pre-bookings).  Our holiday catering season this yeas is November 3 thru December 20, 2013.  Our 2013 holiday catering menu will be posted next week.  

truffles making & champagne sipping culinary adventures!

Last year we had a wonderful truffles and champagne class.  It was so much fun!   This year, we're introducing those who participate in our two-day holiday baking classes, to our commercial kitchen located in Mt. Airy.  And we'll be baking up a storm - working with two of my favorite things to work with in pastries - apples and puff pastry!  So if you're looking for a fun time and new things to bake this holiday season, make sure to sign up for our Tarts & Pies and Puff Pastry Classes PRONTO!  There are only 6 spots in each hurry! 

holiday sugar cookies

And once again this year, we'll be putting out our holiday sugar cookie box and many more delicious goodies!  More info to follow on that!


We are going to be in as many places as possible this holiday season - getting out and about in our community!  From local farmer's markets to local coffee and tea shops!  We're forming new partnerships and just as a  teaser - we'll be hosting our spring supper club dinner (and it will be Valentine-centric) at Randy & Steve's on Main Street in Historic Ellicott City!  That's all you get - for now at least.  

We'll be leaking stuff intermittently on our Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest pages.  Visit these pages regularly to get all the behind-the-scenes updates.  

For final "reveals", you'll have to look out for our email blasts and the only way to get our e-blasts, is to get on our mailing list. Tell your neighbors, tell your friends - share us with everyone you know!  We like people....we really do!


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