Happy New Year

So we made it through 2013!  And now onto 2014!   This year, right out of the gates - we are preparing for our opportunity of a lifetime!  For me as a pastry chef - I couldn't wish for anything other than to open a bakery in the most lovely space in Howard County!  

But more on the bakery in a bit.  I must first acknowledge and thank the following very special human beings!

My partner in crime - Robin Grasso!  So if you've met Robin, you'd know that she's a gentle soul.  And you'd also know not to be fooled by her quiet demeanor.  I mean the woman knows how to get what she wants.   Robin is the genius behind all of our endeavors.  Her endless patience, persistence and passion for this "thing" that we do, leaves me speechless!  I CANNOT thank you enough Robi!  But once again….thank you!

Kristin Antonio - valued friend and all-round enigmatic angel!  If you've met Kristin, you'd follow her to the moon and back! Kristin is responsible for "spreading the gospel" that is known as Homeshed kitchens!  She's also responsible for gracing us with our logo and so many other aesthetically beautiful things that you've seen at our dinners, etc.  Kristin - I'd follow you to the moon and back!

Ingrid Melber - the owner and proprietor of the most lovely space in Howard County - Westwood Unique!  If you've met Ingrid, you'd know that she is a ball of fire!  This woman has the energy of a thousand horses!  She never stops.  Ingrid is also the most giving person that I've had the pleasure of doing business with.  Through Ingrid, I've also met some equally awesome folks! Like the selfless Weldon, the gracious Teresa, the artistic Robin Holliday and the indomitable Lynne!  All extremely giving of their time and knowledge.  I'll just put it this way - there is no better company that a girl can keep! 

Judy Keller, Ryan Grasso, Natalie Warne, JoAnn Coates-Hunter, Renee Bourassa, David Buie, Andrea Capwell and Brianna Warne - thank you all from the bottom of my heart!

Finally - Sydney.  No one else understands like Sydney!  For this, I am truly indebted to you forever.  Thank you.

….so now that bakery opportunity!

In the last couple of months, you received a few emails from me announcing that you could now purchase our pastries at the most lovely space in Howard County - Westwood Unique on Triadelphia Road.  And so it began - our small pastry counter.  The counter quickly morphed into "The Bakery" as we took up space in the kitchen.  Well, a sweet opportunity has presented itself to us -- in the form of a 1500 square-foot (give and take) space at Westwood Unique -- waiting for something to happen!  So what's a girl to do but go for it!  Right?  Well, why not?

In starting small, we are able to gauge our presence in the community and so far, the response has been positive.  Everyone seems to like and welcome the idea of a bakery/cafe in the neighborhood.  Being a French-trained pastry chef, I am more than excited to be able to showcase some of my favorite French pastries and breads, in addition to other regional favorites.  And as you all know, we are all about sourcing our ingredients from within the community, thereby supporting our local growers/economy.  As a result, the bakery will be our homage the community.  

HK's ginger molasses bread

apple turnovers

mini pot pies

In the upcoming months, we plan on launching our Kickstarter campaign and hope that you all will help us bring the bakery to Westwood Unique by supporting us during the campaign's run on Kickstarter.  

We can't wait to get started on this new journey and we welcome your input, feedback and support!  We also wish you all the best in your journey this new year!  Happy New Year everybody!!!!!