"Detox & Delight" Spring Box Reveal

 "Detox & Delight" Spring Box

"Detox & Delight" Spring Box

Unpacking your Spring Box:

The idea behind our “Detox & Delight”Spring Box is to incorporate a 3-Day detox and food cleanse into your regime.  This 3-Day detox and food cleanse is a perfect combination of healthy liquids and alkalizing, detoxifying food.  Here’s how it works…

Start your morning with a cup of our Detox & Delight Tea Blend.  Then just before lunch, enjoy a delicious smoothie with our “Super Good” Super Food Red Berry Smoothie Mix. (click here for our recipe)

Red Berry Sorbet Smoothie

 Since the afternoon is when your digestive system is strongest, lunch will include a healthy salad.  We’ve got the perfect salad recipe for you.  It’s simple and delicious - it’s our Sweet and Savory Salad with Orange Tahini Dressing.  If you have the craving for an afternoon snack, simply “swirl up” a cup of hot chocolate or tea with one of our Hot Chocolate or Tea Swirl Sticks!  Dinner is a mostly liquid affair, with a savory vegan soup.  We’ve included the recipe for our Creamy Curried Ginger Vegan Carrot Soup.  

Creamy Curried Ginger Vegan Soup

Get a good night's sleep, wake up and repeat for 2 more days!  This is a safe, gentle way to cleanse without all the sugar and getting "hangry" like you might with an all juice cleanse. 

Box Contents:

  1. Detox & Delight Tea Blend - a blend of jasmine, dried rose buds, dried chamomile, dried hibiscus flower and roasted green tea leaves.  There are a multitude of benefits to drinking tea!  According to an article in Time Magazine (Health), tea can boost exercise endurance. Scientists have found that the catechins (antioxidants) in green tea extract increase the body’s ability to burn fat as fuel, which accounts for improved muscle endurance.  Drinking tea could help reduce the risk of heart attack. Tea might also help protect against cardiovascular and degenerative diseases.  Additionally, tea is hydrating to the body (even despite the caffeine!), and finally, our favorite reason for incorporating tea into our detox and food cleanse, is that it could keep waist circumference in check.
  2. “Super Good” Super Food Red Berry Smoothie Mix - consists of dehydrated beets and blueberries, which we mill into a fine powder and add organic hulled hemp seeds, chia seeds, organic maca root powder & Goji berries and blend again.  I love a good smoothie.  The right one must be nutritious, tasty and easy to digest, and ours is just that because we use hemp instead of whey protein, which tends to be fattier and harder to digest.  A good smoothies can also help keep you on target by providing a foundation for making healthier food choices throughout the day.
  3. Hot Chocolate and Tea Swirl Sticks - the chocolate sticks are made with 58% bittersweet couverture chocolate, organic maca root powder, raw cacao powder, pure vanilla extract and sea salt.  The tea sticks contain 100% white couverture chocolate & chai tea leaves.  What can I say about these sticks - they’re just simply fun….and good for you!  Fill your favorite mug with hot water or milk and swirl away!  For tea sticks, add your favorite tea bag…and then swirl away!
  4. Recipe cards - I’ve packed 3 cards to help you make our smoothie, vegan soup and salad.  I’ve included the following ingredients to facilitate making the smoothie, soup and salad:
  5. Madras Curry: to be used in your soup.  I’ve included 3 servings in your sachet.
  6. Dates: pitted and ready to be used!  Use one for each serving.
  7. Whipped Honey: to be used in your tahini vinaigrette and/or enjoyed in your tea.  We visited a local apiary (The Bee Folks) and took a tour of their hives.  I selected their “Killer Bee” honey for our whipped honey!  The flavors are nutty and sweet!
  8. Bamboo Tea Infuser - fill your infuser with 1 rounded tablespoon of the tea blend and insert it into your favorite cup.  Pour hot boiling water over tea leaves enough to infuse leaves.  Let steep to desired strength. 
  9. Bee Flour Sack Towel - Why so many bees you ask?  Bees are a sign that Spring is near! Bees also symbolize hard work and determination.  
  10. Journal - Keep track of your hard work and determination, using the enclosed journal.  Be inspired to create, write and grow your thoughts as you power through the new year!