Candle Making Workshop

Candle Making Workshop

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Learn how to make your own soy and beeswax candles to use in your own home or give as gifts.

My aim is to always focus on enhancing one's well-being.  As a result, I procured local, affordable and eco-friendly candle-making supplies that will help you tap into your creativity, while you enjoy this craft and connect with like-minded people.

Soy wax and beeswax are organic and safe for the environment.  The soy wax contains no lead, no petroleum, no chemical/synthetic fixatives or glosses, no animal products/by-products, and the wick is Zinc free, and all natural. The beeswax is 100% biodegradable and produces no soot with 0% petrol-soot emissions. Soy wax burns cooler so it's safer, burns up to 50% longer and has a better fragrance throw. It's water-soluble and can easily be cleaned up, making recycling possible.  We'll also be using recycled containers and old pots for the wax and old newspapers.

All needed workshop information will be provided electronically (to help save on paper).  There will be a variety of natural herbs and my homemade essence to choose from to fragrance your candles. You will make one container candle, and two hand-dipped candles which you will take home.  After completing this workshop, you will have confidence to go home and make candles.


  • Maximum 8 people per workshop (minimum of 6 for workshop to go ahead)

  • Workshop is opened to 18 years and up (or 12 years accompanied by parent or guardian)

  • Dress Code: Closed shoes with rubber sole (strictly no sandals or heels). Lightweight long sleeved clothing is suggested (but not essential) in case of wax splashes.

  • 4 hour workshop learning the benefits of soy and beeswax and how to make your own candles

  • One 2-inch cube glass jar candles

  • One lavender sachet

  • One 1/2-pound beeswax block from local apiary

  • Light lunch provided by Homeshed Kitchens

Come and make new friends or bring a few of your own for a day of crafting together and meeting new people!

 Cancellation Policy – Refund will be given for all cancellations made 7 days prior to course start date less Paypal fees if applicable.  No refund for cancellations made less than 7 days prior to course start date.  Booking can be transferred.

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