The "Eat Clean Live Happy" This Holiday Gift Box

The "Eat Clean Live Happy" This Holiday Gift Box


By now you know that everything we try to do here at Homeshed Kitchens is to promote and practice a cleaner way of living and eating!  And just because it's the Holidays - it doesn't mean that our clean eating happy living quest should stop!  

Get The Box which contains everything in our line of Holiday goodies plus one more healthy/good-for-us indulgence (I couldn't help it!):

  • HK Holiday Swirl Sticks: 1 each flavor of the Chocolate Lovers & Holiday Special sticks (total of 4 sticks)
  • Pie-in-a-jar: 1 Spiced Apple pie-in-a-jar (our most popular flavor)
  • Reindeer Sugar Cookies:  4 cookies
  • HK's "Holi-Tea" Blend: 1 sachet of tea blend
  • Dark Chocolate Almond Cluster: 1 ultra decadent cluster

Contact us if you'd like to order 12 or more boxes for your holiday, corporate gift giving

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