Paris Brest

Paris Brest

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Paris Brest happens to be my favorite "choux" dessert!  

Our HK Paris Brest is a choux ring which when baked and cut in half is brushed with a rum syrup, then filled with a fruit coulis (this year...blackberry!)  Next we pipe the fruit filled bottom ring with a generous amount of rum Chantilly cream and then top everything with the other half of the choux ring which we dip in chocolate, drizzle with toasted almonds and confectioner's sugar!

Entremet Ring (large) is approx. 9-inches round and 2-inches wide.  Serves min 12

Individual Ring (medium-sized) is approx. 2 1/2-inches round and 1-inch wide.  Individual serve.

Entermet Ring is sold whole and comes in our corrugated kraft cake box.

Individual Rings (pictured) are sold in a box of 6

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