Savory Pies & Tarts

Savory Pies & Tarts

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All of our savory pies and tarts are cooked in a very rustic Provencal-style!  Meaning that you're likely to come across a few fresh herbs on the stem and intact! It's just how we do things in our kitchen!

Chicken Pot Pie

Ingredients:  Farm-raised (anti-biotic & hormone free) cooked and cubed chicken breast, Yukon golden potatoes, fresh sweet peas, carrots, corn, onions, fresh thyme and bay leaves all cooked in a vegetable-base bechamel and encased in a scratch-made brisee crust.

Shepherd's Pie

Ingredients:  roasted beef chuck, carrots, sweet peas, yellow onions, garlic cloves, fresh thyme and bay leaves all cooked in a red wine béchamel and topped with mashed potatoes.

Tomato Basil Parmesan Tart

Ingredients:  tomatoes, fresh basil, parmesan cheese in our home-made pie crust (flour, butter, sea salt, water)


All pies and tarts are baked in a 9-inch pie dish.

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